Meet Shannon

Shannon Crotty is a wife to the love of her life, Brian, and a mom to three (plus a bonus son) extraordinary adults.

Originally from Edmond Oklahoma, she has called Chippewa Falls, WI, located in West-central Wisconsin, her home for over 28 years.

Shannon is the Founder and CEO of PolkaDot Powerhouse, LLC, a global connection company for women, which launched in 2012 and The Deep End Planner which launched in 2022. She is also the author of the book, No One Is Peeing In the Deep End – a survival guide for launching a dream.

Shannon stinks at 97% of the things and is a visionary with no detail skills. Her brain is a fireworks explosion of ideas and visual images at all times. She surrounds herself with amazing humans who are oppositely built to help balance her slanted yet brilliant strength set, and help her stay in her 3% zone of genius.

When Shannon isn’t out changing the world she loves golf, travel, rowing, style, true crime documentaries and podcasts, fitness, and finding the “good ice”. She also has a goal each year of trying at least 6 things she’s never done before.

You can find Shannon on social media @shanosmile or contact her at